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Convert Your Audience Into Customers

Have you ever heard someone say, “We spent money on Google Ads, and it didn’t provide us with any business at all”? Perhaps you have an excellent designer on your team, active on the company Facebook page, but you do not see any recognisable results.

The fact is, without a measurable strategy in place, any digital marketing activity is similar to throwing mud at a wall and seeing what sticks – which, in most cases, is usually very little.

Where Are We, Where Do You Want To Be And How Do We Get There?

Aligning your marketing strategy with your business goals is the only reliable way to ensure success will come from any campaign. While constantly assessing data against actual marketing objectives is the only way to determine a real return on investment.

EQ Internet can define concise, solid strategies bespoke to your business needs by truly understanding your audience and industry.

Typical areas include:

  • Calculating the serviceable obtainable market your company operates within
  • Creating buying personas for your target market
  • Assessing your customer needs or pain points and evaluating what makes them purchase
  • SWOT analysis/competitor analysis relevant to your sector
  • Defining the path to purchase and appropriating every message accordingly 

Performing tasks such as these enable EQ Internet to reach your audience via the most effective channels relevant to your business and deliver the results you want – whether that’s brand awareness, lead generation or sales.

Short Term And Long Term Goals

We won’t promise to get you to the top of Google within a week, and you should be extremely wary of any company or individual that does.

Instead, we offer a results-based approach across multiple activities on several channels. The outcome of this is each channel reinforces the other, providing a total more significant than any of its parts.

Working with you to fully define the sales funnel relevant to your business and then map out the most effective communication on the most appropriate channels ensures that your business will achieve its desired outcomes.

Actual examples of objectives from having a concise marketing strategy include:

  • Introducing a new product/service to an existing market
  • Generate qualified face-to-face recent business engagements
  • Create a campaign into a new vertical 
  • Target internal influencers, gatekeepers and critical decision-makers
  • Pipeline nurturing 

We make every effort to deliver the imperative success to your bottom line, month on month, year on year.

We Don't Just Get You Likes - We Get You Customers

At EQ Internet, we have over 15 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies in all sectors. From consumer markets such as retail, entertainment, publishing and sport through to B2B corporate services.

We’ve worked with start-ups through to high street giants and blue-chip corporations. Whatever the size of your business, we know how to drive traffic, build an audience and ultimately convert that audience into customers and brand advocates.

Ready To Find Out More?

Let’s continue the conversation and find out how EQ Internet can help improve your marketing and directly impact your company’s bottom line.

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