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Experts In E-Commerce

The power of the internet is undisputed. We all know how often we turn to it not only for information but for purchasing as well. There is vast competition for the billions of pounds spent online each year, and having an easy to use and well-built e-commerce website is essential in the battle to win customers.

E-Commerce as a sales channel has grown massively in the UAE, though there are many obstacles to overcome when finding what’s best for your business.

Many companies lack the necessary experience at delivering fully-fledged, workable solutions; however, EQ Internet is adept at providing the perfect combination of e-commerce expertise and experience.

Our E-Commerce Solutions

EQ Internet is expert in core e-commerce fundamentals and specialists regarding what framework to use, such as Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce. We will work with you to establish what features your store needs to make it dynamic and effective.

Key factors to consider when building a web store are supporting the volume of traffic that you anticipate and one that can handle the total range of SKUs in your inventory. The process continues by examining the user experience across all devices, website speeds and assessing category and product information. We can also evaluate integrating your e-commerce website into inventory and POS systems.

We also look at how your order fulfilment to develop a solution that works effectively within all internal procedures. It’s essential to understand whether you have a single dispatch point or multiple locations so that our programmes can take this into account and deliver a fluid service for your users and your staff. We will also examine your failed delivery and returns policy to ensure they are updated and correct to ensure your customers are always happy.

Our expert knowledge coupled with extensive research into your business and market means that we can deliver a bespoke, sophisticated, cutting edge store that will bring your sales to life.

After Care

We are also experts in maximising the value from your website post-build and developing the optimum operating strategy with you. At EQ Internet, we put you in control by creating systems that all of your employees will be able to use with ease, and you will always have an expert on hand to offer technical support and maintenance should you ever need it.

In the modern world, your store needs to be open 24 hours a day, and an e-commerce website gives you the perfect shop front and is also an effective tool to sell your products or services – no matter what time of the day it is.

Ready To Find Out More?

To increase your online sales, you need to talk to us. Contact EQ Internet to find out how to improve your e-commerce strategy or start one from scratch.

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