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Profitable Facebook Ads Management

If you’re looking for a partner to take your Facebook Ads management to the next level, you’re in the right place. Putting your product or service in front of the correct audience is vital if you’re looking to maximise the spending from your digital campaigns, and there are few better platforms for it than Facebook.

On any given day, the average number of users who log in to Facebook is a staggering 1.62 billion. That presents a truly remarkable opportunity for you as a business and advertiser.

However, how often have you been left underwhelmed by poor performing digital spending on Facebook Ads? Have you found yourself with many likes and views but no uplift in actual customers? Are you spending a small fortune on your Facebook Ads management but seeing no benefits?

These scenarios are all too common and usually occur on the back of poorly executed campaigns lacking the knowledge and direction required to move the needle. You can very quickly burn through hundreds or thousands of dollars on a campaign that will never deliver the returns you need.

If you want to put this behind you and start to experience the benefits of professional Facebook Ads management, read on.

Perfecting Your Facebook Strategy

For some years now, Facebook has been one of the most popular digital marketing platforms, and EQ Internet has delivered against even the most ambitious targets on behalf of clients.

The key to getting your Facebook Ads management right is telling us what you want to achieve from your campaign. Common goals for a digital marketing campaign on Facebook can include the following:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive traffic to your page or website
  • Create engagement
  • Generate leads
  • Increase conversions

At EQ Internet, we’re well versed in the multiple nuances of Facebook marketing and experienced in driving the best possible return on ad spend (ROAS). We’ve worked with clients to run Facebook Ad campaigns from a few hundred dollars a month to $70,000 per month. Regardless of the size of your budget, our attention to detail will never change.

We work hard to ensure that the most likely audiences only see your ads to convert or engage. By utilising our extensive knowledge and experience in structured targeting, we can capitalise on the power of the Facebook platform, even retargeting to visitors of your website to hook them back into your product.

No two campaigns are ever the same. We will discuss what you’re looking to achieve from the campaign and build out a Facebook Ads strategy from there. We advise on the most engaging creative format for your audience, whether a still image, multiple images, or a video.

The benefits of using EQ Internet for your next Facebook Ads campaign include:

  • Call upon many years of experience, working with clients and budgets big and small
  • We identify the most successful creative formats for your audience
  • Structured targeting delivering only the most relevant of customers/user
  • We’ll write all the copy for your ads, including that attention-grabbing headline
  • No more wasting money on time-consuming campaigns that fail to deliver

Ready To Utilise The Power Of Facebook Ads?

If you’re ready to start benefitting from running a campaign on one of the most prominent digital platforms, contact us today for a chat about Facebook Ads management for your business.

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