Instagram Ads and social media management in Dubai

Profitable Instagram Advertising

There are few better platforms to market your business and products on than Instagram, but is your Instagram ads management strategy holding you back?

With more than a 1.2billion users, one billion of which are active during the average month, Instagram offers enormous potential for a paid marketing campaign.

From its foundations back in 2010, Instagram has grown into much more than a platform on which teenagers share selfies. Some of the biggest brands in the world now focus a significant portion of their digital ad spend on Instagram, leveraging the visual format of the platform to showcase their products.

However, as with every digital marketing opportunity, there comes risk. Risk of being on the receiving end of poor Instagram ads management advice and wasting a significant amount of time and money.

We believe Instagram is an exceptional platform to build out your next digital marketing campaign at EQ Internet. However, it is a challenging marketplace to cut through on, even for established businesses.

A successful Instagram ads campaign can deliver against several objectives, depending on your priority as a business. Common goals for an Instagram ads campaign can include:

  • Increase brand/profile awareness
  • Drive traffic to your profile or website
  • Create engagement (e.g. generating likes, replies, etc.)
  • Generate leads
  • Increase conversions (e.g. on-platform purchases)
  • Increase followers

If you want to start to benefit from the real power of Instagram Ads, whether you’re new to it or have had previous experience executing campaigns on the platform, then read on.

Taking Your Instagram Ads To The Next Level

As social media experts, EQ Internet has delivered exceptional campaigns on Instagram for several years. By finely tuning campaigns so that our clients get the very best results possible, we have built up a stellar portfolio of case studies, from small independent businesses to global multinationals.

Unlike some other agencies, we take the time to truly understand your business, its goals and how a well-executed Instagram Ads management strategy can genuinely benefit you. We ensure to utilise every dollar of your budget with no wastage. We use demographic and geographic targeting to identify an audience with that your brand or product is most likely to resonate with potential customers.

Instagram is, of course, an image or video-led platform, so let us take total control of your campaign and create those visual assets for you, refining them to ensure they get noticed and drive engagement.

Here are just a few reasons why we are the perfect option for your Instagram Ads management:

  • We deliver best in class Instagram ad campaigns
  • Complete end-to-end service, including creating imagery, artwork and video
  • We’re social media specialists with years of experience working on Instagram ad campaigns
  • Our understanding of geographic and demographic targeting means no wasted budget
  • No more wasting money on time-consuming campaigns that fail to deliver!

Ready To Utilise The Power Of Instagram Ads?

If you’re ready to start benefitting from running a visually solid and engaging campaign on one of the most prominent digital platforms, contact us today for a chat about successful Instagram Ads.
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