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Effective Web Design Simplified

At EQ Internet, we first started building websites in 1997. Now, over 15 years later, we are still at the forefront of website development, creating attractive, intuitive and highly functional websites for a wide range of differing businesses.

We’re all aware of the need to have an online presence, but making sure it’s professional is vital for how visitors discover, interact and ultimately purchase from your company.

Whether it’s a landing page, brochure website or an e-commerce site with complete product inventory, we can design and build the most effective solution for your business.

Process And Planning

Every project we undertake is subject to meticulous planning to deliver the website that fulfils your brief.

Our planning process starts with the initial consultation, where we endeavour to understand your business truly and what your goals are. At this stage, we begin to fully understand how you can get the best out of the internet.

Website Design

After establishing the details, we will move onto the design phase, taking the gathered information and bringing your website to life. We start with wireframes and then move on to screenshots ensuring you’re constantly in the process.

These techniques mean you will know how your website will look and function through every step of the process, which gives you a great insight into how your site is developing.

Building Your Website

After finalising the designs, we initiate the process of producing your website. Our experienced coders work on the build, creating something that doesn’t just look good; it also performs perfectly.

Once the site has started to take shape, we commence our rigorous evaluation process. Testing ensures that not only will your website look fantastic, but it will also perform optimally, free from bugs or errors and is responsive across all devices.


Once your website is complete, we will take you through each section to ensure you are happy and provide comprehensive content management training.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end when your website goes live. Whether you have ongoing digital marketing with us or not, we still offer a complete support package and are available 24/7 to resolve any technical issues.

Why Choose EQ Internet?

From experience, we know that keeping your business at the heart of the project is the key to its success. We employ a results-driven approach that focuses on delivering your goals for the best possible value.

Ready To Find Out More?

Let’s continue the conversation and find out how EQ Internet can help improve your digital marketing and positively impact your company’s bottom line.

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