What Makes A Good SEO Manager?

What Makes A Good SEO Manager?

Digital marketing is a fast-moving and multifaceted environment. While some people, during their career, develop certain attributes that help them excel in a specific role, areas such as SEO and PPC require an expansive awareness of other channels to be truly effective.

A good SEO practitioner will combine understanding from subjects like web development, content creation, design and usability as well as pure SEO skills.

Critical Thinking

Qualifications don’t always mean you’re equipped to exercise knowledge effectively. Certifications are favourable but having the right mindset is vital to being able to apply the right method to different situations. While nothing competes with actually gained experience too.

Nonetheless, critical thinking is an essential skill as we often find ourselves problem-solving in a whole range of different environments, helping clients of all shapes and sizes across multiple industries. Working with datasets in Google Search Console or Google Analytics is common practice, so having a natural affinity for working with data and possessing a critical mindset is a must.

Constant Learning

As mentioned, digital marketing is a fast-paced industry. Google’s algorithm changes daily and new tools, techniques and methods are constantly available. Being a constant learner is essential to succeed in delivering SEO. Most people who do well have a genuine thirst for knowledge, continuously ask questions and are forever researching new techniques. Being passionate and interested in what you do is a major attribute of a successful SEO specialist.


Whether part of a production or technical team, working with a project manager or even with a client, teamwork and communication are essential attributes for an SEO manager. Conversations across different departments can be tricky, explaining a technical issue to a developer or conducting feedback for a designer may take you outside the normal realms of SEO.

In addition, receiving buy-in from a client for content restructure may require you to explain complicated reasoning to someone with less knowledge. These challenges rely on great teamwork and communication skills to make an SEO campaign effective.

Technical Skills

Some marketing managers may shy away from the technical aspects of SEO. However, someone seeking to be the best should understand the technical requirements, challenges and solutions needed for an effective SEO campaign. Ultimately, SEO relies on having a quality website at its foundation and understanding the technical elements of SEO is a central part of the process.

A Great SEO Manager

While this list is far from comprehensive, these are certainly some of the main characteristics needed to be a great SEO manager. If you’d like to learn more about SEO or any other digital marketing services, feel free to contact us and talk further.

What Makes A Good SEO Manager?
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